In January 2017, I made the decision to start a personal blog. At first, it meant that I would have to make my Instagram profile Public to the world. A little apprehensive at first, I then thought that since I enjoy sharing aspects of my life with others- this could be the next bold step I can take to play a part in inspiring others.

I had Instagram as a platform to share pictures of my life- but somehow this didn’t seem enough. I had to compliment every picture with something inspirational/ personal story. I feel I didn’t have enough space to chalk out the thoughts and stories running in my mind.  There was so much to write about, so much to talk about with you guys!

And hence, the journey began.

Searching for a niche.

But I had no specific topic of interest. My mind wavered and focused on everything that inspired me.

At First, I thought, since I have a medical background- I should just talk about general health and nutrition. But this aspect is not ALL of me. I find passion in expression of personal style through fashion and beauty. Somedays, I can feel powerful and chic in a power suit and stilettos, on other days- I can be the girl next door in a floral dress and ballerina flats- AMIRITE ladies?

I also get irked by the issues women face in our society- my constant goal is to help women empower one another. I also love sharing motivational quotes and sayings, poetry, my daily struggles and what helps me overcome certain obstacles in my life.

Food and travel EXCITES me! My husband, Umair actually instilled the love of trying different cuisines and travelling in me. I really used to be a bore before- buried underneath textbooks– not that it’s a bad thing, but once I started seeing the world – it gave me a different perspective on life. That life is beautiful. The world is a miracle. Each place so different yet, has the same soul. So many possibilities, so many opportunities.

So therefore, my search for a specific niche ended. I decided that I am just going to share everything that inspires me to think better, to do better, be better and live a fulfilling and grateful life.


To have a voice.

To be thankful of being heard.

To be grateful.

To be able to inspire.


“It took me quite a long time to develop a voice, and now that I have it, I am not going to be silent” – Madeline Albright


Outfit Details:

Off shoulder top: Shein

Pencil Skirt: New Look

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