Things I would like to tell my YOUNGER SELF

If I could go back in time, there are so many things I would like to tell myself. Things I have learned with time and experiences. Wouldn’t it be great if I knew them WAAY before I finally grew up? Maybe I would be more successful? Found my true path earlier? Made different decisions? Been Happier or more satisfied?

Although our journey through life shapes us and makes us who we are eventually at its own pace ;  here is what I would have liked to advice myself on:-

  1. Do not give others so much power over you, that their opinions shape your thoughts, emotions and actions.


  1. Do not be a people pleaser – break expectations and let go of societal /familial pressures.


  1. Listen to your inner voice – that’s where your passion lies. Not what others tell you do. And then follow that passion with everything you’ve got.


  1. Explore new opportunities. Venture out of comfort zones. Realize your true potential.


  1. Make your own decisions.


  1. Do not judge people and situations so easily. There are two sides to a coin.


  1. Everything happens at its own time. There is no designated time for anything in this life.
    Let life progress and evolve and let it make you grow at its own pace. NO pressure!


  1. You don’t have to stay the same. Let go of the idea that you must always be who you have always been. (hold on to humility and kindness though)


  1. Do not base your happiness on people, situations and life events. Happiness is always found within, and if it can’t be found, create it.


  1. Be confident and courageous in all situations. Let this confidence be deep down and embedded in your personality that makes you want to value YOURSELF just the way you are and not by what you are doing or how you look!


  1. Practice Self –love


  1. Just LIVE and embrace the present moment. You aren’t going to get this moment twice. This is the youngest you will ever be.


What would you guys want to tell your younger self if given the chance?

Write in the comments section below!


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