“Intentions” for 2018

Why not a more conventional term like “resolutions”? I realize I make almost similar resolutions every new year only to let them fade away by the end of that year.

So, this year, after careful thought as to what makes ME happy and at peace, what I really need to focus on in my life, I wrote down a few “intentions”.
These are mostly habits that I tend to incorporate over this year.  No pressure really, the more I force myself to do something I do not like or enjoy- the more I steer away from it.

So, I’m going to go slow and explore the following intentions AND HAVE FUN along the way!



For a long time, I have always wanted to start writing. But every time I sat down with a piece of paper and pen –I would have a major mind block. I would have these great ideas, thoughts and opinions running through my mind ALL the time. But when I would pick up the pen- NOTHING. It was plain FEAR. Fear of my thoughts being out in the open- open to judgment, open to criticism.  This apprehension stopped me from expressing myself on paper. The minute I let go of this fear, words flew like streams. Being in a conducive and relaxing environment also helps! So, grab your writing material and head to the nearest coffee shop or library or your favorite couch, for example, to allow your inner thoughts to transform to powerful and skillful writing!



Most CEO’s read an average of 4-5 books a month. And these are the people who are leaders, innovators and game changers. “Mindlab international” at the university of Sussex conducted a study that showed that reading for just about 6 mins can reduce stress levels by 68%! It relaxes the mind, calms the frazzled nerves and helps ease muscle tension.
So maybe not 4-5 books a month. Atleast ONE good book per month? Yes- I can do that.



Taking care of one’s body is becoming increasingly difficult when we are all getting short on time in this rat race. But it is not impossible.

Meal planning for the week, focusing on nutrition counting and not calorie counting, portion control and some form of movement/ exercise are going to be on my agenda! Listen to your body and feed it what it actually needs (I know mine is going to say chocolate please, all the time though!)



There is nothing more important than feeling good. Feed your mind with positive affirmations everyday especially during those times when you feel everything is going downhill and you will feel good about yourself. Inner happiness and joy has to be created. If we focus on all the good we have been blessed with- then the negatives just get out of focus! DON’T feed the negative monster- it just grows!

Positive affirmations and gratitude are two key aspects for mental wellbeing.



Focus on those goals and dreams you have for your personal or professional life. Whether it’s the new house that you want or a new job – BELIEVE you can have them and start working towards achieving them!



We often can forget to spend time with those who really matter to us. And I don’t mean the casual presence with them when our eyes are glued to our mobile phones, but real engaging conversations and meetings with your loved ones. Connect with an old friend over coffee or just take your momma for a breakfast date- such happiness cannot be found rummaging through your mobile phones!



“Help another human being- maybe, you are the only one that does”. Such acts of graciousness will find its way back to you in some form or the other. That’s how our universe works. But don’t do it with this intention even if it’s true- do it because you can – because you care.

The whole world is too busy in bringing one another down, maybe WE can help in spreading love and kindness by uplifting and supporting another soul?



What are your “intentions”? Leave a comment below!


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