Combatting the Lows

Soon after writing the resolution post for the new year- here I am slacking. Or that’s how I felt. This week has been the kind where I actually had to struggle out of bed, had zero motivation to go to work, workout, eat clean, read or write. Basically, all I wanted to do this week was to lay in bed all day everyday and not see anything beyond my duvet.

I literally ran out of ideas for writing and so here I am- keeping it real and sharing my not so great feelings with you all and what I did to finally tackle the lows.

It just came out of the blue – this feeling of impending doom, anxiety and fatigue going all way into my bones. As a medic, I started to think- am I eating right? Do I need to start multivitamins- are my nails breaking? Is my iron level low? Is my thyroid ok? What’s wrong with me? Why am I BELIEVING and responding to the negative comments and vibes (which were buzzing all around me this week)? Where is my inner confidence gone?

I had to take a moment to STOP and think, clear my mind, organize my thoughts – choose what to listen to and what to thrash and develop a STRATEGY. A strategy to combat the crappy feelings and channelize my inner confidence and positivity. Here’s a short list of what I actually do to get back up!


  • Focusing on getting enough ‘zzz’ and eating nutritious food. I even started a Multivitamin (Perfectil women).
  • Working out no matter how I feel. Those exercise- induced endorphins feel really amazing!
  • Keeping work politics at work. Don’t bring it home.
  • Spending more time in self-reflection and trying to sort out all my thoughts before they cumulate and lead to anxiety.
  • Going to take more fun breaks- retail therapy (no brainer!), brunches with family, lattes at Starbucks (already makes me happy)
  • Focusing on the positive things in my world and being grateful for what I have.
  • Being confident and if I can’t be confident at this very moment – well I’m going to fake it till I make it.
  • NOT going to cave in to the negative comments and judgements I receive from people who don’t know me and surely don’t care about me.
  • NOT going to place my worth and happiness in other people’s hands. They will drop it every single time.
  • And finally- Not going to go too hard on myself. Yes, I’m going sit with my bag of crisps and watch Netflix right now.


What do you guys do to combat the lows?



Until next time,

Lots of love,



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